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What version of the iXpand Flash Drive will the SDK work with?

The SDK is meant to work with the first generation iXpand Flash Drive and iXpand Flash Drive V2 (introduced in June 2016).

What does MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad) mean?

The MFi logos mean that Apple has certified a product for use with specific iOS devices via interface such as lightning connector, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. iXpand devices are MFI certified devices communicating over lightning interface.


What formality do I need to complete when I integrate iXpand?

Your application has to be whitelisted in MFI accessory product plan before submitting application to Apple store. After we have confirmed whitelisting of your app, Sandisk will provide product plan ID which should be mentioned in the “Review Notes” section of Apple app submission. Please refer ‘Submit Apps’ section to understand the formality.


Do I need to get special tools to create an App for use with iXpand devices?

Sandisk offers iXpand SDK that includes libraries, source code examples and Documentation which make creating iOS apps simple and straightforward. Using iXpand emulator can save significant time during the development process.


How to develop/debug application with iXpand SDK when iXpand drive is connected over lightning connector?

An emulator is provided with the SDK which can be used to develop application with iXpand SDK. During integration with actual hardware, since lightning connector is occupied by accessory debugging over WiFi is recommended. NSLogger is one of the recommended way to debug.


What is the read/write performance over iXpand SDK?

There read/write performance depends on the actual iXpand drive that iOS device accessing. Please refer specification of your iXpand device.


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The iXpand Flash Drive makes it easy to free up space fast and can even automatically back up your photos, videos and contacts.